The woman who was fed up with her nose, was cremated!


Amazing news: Every religion has a funeral system when a person dies, but the methods are different. But have you ever heard of a funeral for a living person? These days there is a British woman who has performed a strange rite. No, he didn't perform funeral rites on anyone's deathโ€ฆ not even his ownโ€ฆ but he did perform funeral rites on his nose! Yes, you heard that right, a woman cremated her nose. He organized a mourning meeting in the form of a party attended by guests dressed in black.

According to the report, British woman Sophie cremated her nose. The woman had a very bad nose and wanted to have it repaired through plastic surgery. Let us tell you that the plastic surgery of the nose is called rhinoplasty. It improves the shape of the nose. She is going to Turkey for this surgery where the surgery is done at very low cost.

Nose funeral
On this occasion, his friend Amy along with other friends performed the last rites. He performed Nanak's last rites in which many people participated. All of them came wearing black clothes because people in foreign countries wear black clothes only during funerals. Alcohol was served to the public and a cake was cut with Sophie's date of birth and death written on the nose. The period from 2000 to 2023 was written in it. People enlarged his nose and wore it like a mask.

The woman will have nose surgery in Turkey
At the end of the funeral, Sophie was wished good luck with her plastic surgery and bid farewell to Turkey. Sophie had a slightly large nose, which she wanted to correct. Many people said that there was no problem with Sophie's real nose, she did not need to have a nose surgery. Some people even took a photo of Sophie and cut off part of her nose so they could insert their own nose into it. Some people like the idea of โ€‹โ€‹cremation so much that they even want to try it.


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