The Union Ministry of Home Affairs issued a warning about Online Gaming


In view of the fraud committed through gaming apps, the cyber department of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a warning to take precautions regarding online gaming. The Indian Cybercrime Coordination Center (14C) under the Cyber ​​Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs has shared a warning message – 'Play Smart, Be Safe' Stay safe while gaming online.

According to the information, the 14C department in its message has advised people to use only trusted places like Google Play Store, Apple Store and official website to download online games. He also said to always check who is the developer of the game app to know if the website is real or fake.

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Additionally, they have warned that if there is ever a special in-game purchase or attractive subscription, don't be fooled.

In its message, it has advised people not to share their personal information with anyone in the game's chat or forum as fraudsters can use social media methods to trap players. When downloading game apps, grant only those permissions that are necessary. If you have been scammed online, call Subscriber Helpline number 1930 immediately.