The smuggler was also arrested, he was bringing the consignment from Pakistan by hiding it in a trolley


The smuggling of heroin across the Indian border by Pakistani smugglers continues unabated. Meanwhile, the Punjab Police is also continuously thwarting the attempts of Pakistani smugglers. The State Special Operation Cell (SSOC) Fazilka of the Punjab Police has succeeded in seizing a consignment worth Rs 105 crore, while an Indian smuggler has also been caught.

15 kg of heroin recovered
DGP Gaurav Yadav said that as part of intelligence operation against cross border drug smuggling network, SSOC Fazilka has arrested a drug smuggler. The police have recovered 15 kg of heroin from the smuggler. The Indian smuggler was carrying this consignment hidden in a trolley full of straw.

DGP Gaurav Yadav said that the Punjab Police is continuously engaged in breaking the chain of heroin smuggling taking place across the border.

147 kg of heroin recovered in one and a half months
In the last 45 days, SSOC Fazilka has recovered 147 kg of heroin. A case has been registered under the NDPS Act at Sadar Fazilka police station and action has been started. Meanwhile, interrogation of the arrested accused is going on. Soon the accused is being interrogated about the Pakistani smugglers and where the consignment was to be delivered next.

On Tuesday morning, a Pakistani drone once again hovered over the India-Pakistan border, the sound of which was heard by Border Security Force (BSF) personnel. The Pakistani drone that entered the Indian border went back, but heroin worth Rs 17 crore was seized by the jawans and sent for investigation.

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