Despite being destroyed, Hamas succeeded in its mission! The truth of Israel brought before the world

Despite being destroyed, Hamas succeeded in its mission!  The truth of Israel brought before the world

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The brutal attack by Hamas on October 7 shocked Israel as well as the whole world. In one day, 1400 unarmed Israelis were brutally killed by Hamas and over 200 were taken hostage in the Gaza Strip. By broadcasting its attack live, Hamas appeared to be destroying Israel’s reputation in front of the entire world. Bleeding in shock and rage, Israel had only one goal – revenge, revenge and only revenge. Vowing to eliminate Hamas, the Israeli Defense Force launched intense airstrikes on the Gaza Strip.

One after another, tall buildings collapsed on the ground. Thousands of Israeli soldiers were deployed along the Gaza border along with hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles. Israel has also ordered more than three lakh of its reserve soldiers to reach the war front. Hamas knew full well that Israel would do the same. Before Israel’s wounded heart could cool, Hamas launched its second move. Several top Hamas commanders were killed in airstrikes, its military bases and weapons caches were being destroyed, but Hamas has again begun to present a new image to the world.

Hamas proved Israel to be the ‘aggressor’

Hamas began showing civilians being killed in the Gaza Strip. Hamas successfully spread this news around the world. The situation became such that despite the brutal slaughter of 1400 of its own people in one day, Israel now came across as the aggressor rather than the victim. The world put Israel in the dock and started asking questions. Then the day of October 17 came. A suspected rocket hit a hospital in the Gaza Strip as US President Joe Biden left for Israel in Washington. Within minutes, Hamas announced that the death toll in the hospital had risen from 300 to 500 and then to 800.

But then the entire Middle East began to burn. Millions of people in all countries of the world took to the streets to protest against Israel. By the time US Air Force One landed in Tel Aviv carrying President Biden, the situation had changed. A meeting of Arab leaders with Biden in Jordan was canceled. Biden had to give a certificate in support of Israel that the hospital was not attacked by an Israeli rocket but by another party. Even after America’s clean chit, no one was ready to trust Israel.

When America began to breathe

Israel continues to produce one piece of evidence in its favor, but now instead of the 1,400 Israeli deaths, the world is demanding an account of the hundreds of hospital deaths, whose official figures could not be independently verified. Meanwhile, many countries in the Middle East had declared war against Israel. Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Yemen’s Houthi rebels, acting at the behest of Iran and its allies, have stepped up their attacks, openly warning Israel and the US. America had to land ten warships and fifteen thousand troops in the region to protect Israel.

Hamas’s second mission was successful. Now the third phase has started. By taking more than two hundred hostages, Hamas began to pressure the United States and its allies. The hostages include citizens of several countries, including the United States. Biden returned to America and announced $100 million in aid to Palestine. Britain has also announced aid of around 50 million dollars. Hundreds of trucks carrying relief materials from all over the world are standing at the Rafah crossing of the Egyptian border to enter the Gaza Strip. Negotiations for the release of the hostages began. America, Qatar and Egypt joined it.

Freeing the hostages is America’s first priority

On October 20, Hamas released two American female hostages for the first time. After this, a woman and her two children were released. Hopes began to rise for the release of all the hostages. To ensure that the release was not obstructed, the US clearly told Israel that the Israeli Defense Force could not be allowed to conduct ground operations until the hostages were released. Iran and many countries in the Middle East, which are supporting Hamas, also started talking about suffering serious consequences due to Israel’s ground operation. As the days passed, hundreds of people started demonstrating against the government every day in Tel Aviv, Israel. There is a demand for the release of the hostages from all sides.

There is talk of stopping Israeli military action and airstrikes in return for the hostages’ release. The Israeli Defense Force has repeatedly said that it will not come under any pressure. The Netanyahu government says it will definitely carry out its own ground operation to eliminate Hamas. Contrary to Israeli claims, there is now more activity going on behind the scenes. Hamas has quickly managed to mobilize the world in its favor. By releasing two hostages one by one out of more than 200 hostages, Hamas is presenting its so-called human face to the world.

Even the Middle East does not want war

The state of helplessness is such that everyone is believing it. All countries want to prevent the spread of war in the Middle East, aside from Israel’s vow of revenge. Hamas is taking full advantage of this. Israeli airstrikes are still ongoing, but like ground operations, it is difficult to say when they will cease. Everything has been going according to Hamas’ plan since October 7th and it has become imperative for Israel and its allies to follow Hamas’ plan in the future.