The situation of Sarvajan Pension Yojana is bad in this district of Jharkhand, the Chief Secretary instructed to set up a special camp


Jharkhand New: The condition of Sarvajan Pension Yojana is very bad in Jamshedpur and Mango Zone under East Singhbhum district. Jamshedpur East’s MLA Saryu Rai and West’s MLA Banna Gupta have expressed concern over this situation. It has been argued on behalf of the administration that there are a large number of employed people in both these areas. Due to this, the expected applications for pension are not coming. Taking cognizance of the objections of the MLAs of both the assembly constituencies, the Chief Secretary has directed to form a team and organize special camps in the urban areas.

View position in figures

Under this scheme, the figure of beneficiaries above 60 years is 67 percent in the district. At the same time, this figure in the state is 91.3 percent. This figure is only 23 percent in the Mango Zonal Office. It is only 18 percent in Jamshedpur Zonal Office. The figure of destitute beneficiaries of the scheme is 88 percent. Whereas, the achievement of the state is 95.2 percent. This figure is 40 percent in Mango circle office and 31 percent in Jamshedpur circle office. The figure of disabled beneficiaries of the scheme is 63 percent in the district. 79.6 percent of the target has been achieved in the state. This figure is 37 percent in Mango circle office and 32 percent in Jamshedpur circle office.

Status of Sarvajan Pension Yojana in the district (all figures in percentage)

Block : Above 60 Years : Destitute : Disabled

Patmada : 160 : 113 : 107

Bodam : 140 : 139 : 88

Gudbanda : 139 : 159 : 96

Chakulia : 130 : 133 : 113

Bahragora : 126 : 138 : 107

Dumariya : 122 : 174 : 116

Dhalbhumgarh : 108 : 140 : 87

Potka : 95 : 157 : 87

Circle Office Chakulia : 93 : 134 : 55

Ghatshila : 76 : 163 : 87

Musabani : 75 : 102 : 68

Golmuri – Jugsalai : 64 : 76 : 54

Circle Office Mango : 23 : 40 : 37

Circle Office Jamshedpur : 18 : 31 : 32

Saryu Rai expressed concern over the low number of beneficiaries

In this regard, Saryu Rai, MLA from Jamshedpur East Assembly Constituency raised objection on the very less number of beneficiaries of Sarvajan Pension Yojana in Jamshedpur. Said that assurance has been given by the administration that necessary action will be taken in this direction.

What is Sarvajan Pension Yojana

After the formation of Jharkhand, CM Hemant Soren started the Sarvajan Pension Yojana. Under this, old age, widow, destitute women, Divyangjan, primitive tribes and HIV AIDS victims are given the benefit of this scheme. The state government transfers the pension amount of one thousand rupees to the beneficiaries of this scheme on the fifth of every month. So far more than 7,79,142 beneficiaries have got the benefit of this scheme from the present Hemant government.

who will get benefit

Jharkhand has become the first state in the country to implement this scheme. Under this scheme, apart from the elderly above 60 years, destitute women of 18 years or above, disabled of five years or above and HIV AIDS victims will get the benefit of pension.


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