The Sensex is growing by 1000 points every month, becoming the world’s sixth largest market


Based on economic reforms, the Indian stock market has risen more than 9,000 points since January this year. On Thursday, it crossed the 59 thousand mark for the first time. Investors have returned more than 23 percent in just nine months.

However, the market capitalization has increased by more than 35 percent during this period. Market analysts say the confidence of domestic and foreign investors in the Indian economy has increased. Even small investors during the Corona period Towards the stock market Have come. Along with investors, the stock market has also benefited.

Sensex is growing
Sensex is growing

Ajay Tyagi, Chairman, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), said that the last days and years have been in the name of capital markets as companies are a reliable platform for investors to invest and raise capital. Speaking at the 12th Financial Markets Conference of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on Thursday, Tyagi said the last two years have been in the name of capital markets as it is a reliable platform for investors.

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