Mustard, soybean, CPO and palm oil prices fall


Prices of almost edible oilseeds, including mustard, soyabean, CPO and palmolin, closed higher in the Delhi oilseeds market on Monday on the back of weaker trend in overseas markets affected by Mars.

Traders said Malaysia was up 1.5 per cent and the Chicago Exchange was up 1 per cent Recorded a decline Has gone This led to a slowdown in business as a whole.

oil prices fall
oil prices fall

On the other hand, in Indore’s Sanyogitaganj grain market, the price of gram fork rose by Rs 75, pulses by Rs 100, corn by Rs 100 and tur by Rs 200 per quintal on Monday as compared to Saturday. Today, pulses became more expensive by Rs 100 and toor by Rs 50 per quintal. In the edible oil market, refined soybean prices fell by Rs 10 per 10 kg on Monday as compared to Saturday. Soybean oil seeds were sold cheaper by Rs 300 per quintal.

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