The murder of a young man with sharp weapons in Batala


Late last night, a young man was beaten to death with sharp weapons in Akarpura Kalan, a village near Batala, due to a petty rivalry. The police got the information about this incident on Sunday morning. The police of Thana Qila Lal Singh reached the spot and started the investigation regarding the incident.

The deceased youth has been identified as Akarpura Kalan, a 20-year-old resident of Roshandeep. Jashan, the brother of the deceased youth Roshandeep, said that due to a petty grudge, some people from the village had surrounded his brother and severely cut him with sharp weapons and seriously injured him.

He said that seriously injured Roshandeep was taken to Civil Hospital in Batala for treatment, where the doctors referred him to Amritsar. Doctors declared him dead at Guru Nanak Hospital in Amritsar. At the same time, the police are taking the statements of the family members of the deceased youth.