The heart of the business tycoon's daughter came to the poor, she turned down 2500 crores for love. examination of


True love means sacrifice. That is, true love is the feeling that has the ability to sacrifice everything for each other's happiness or feeling joy in pain can be true love. Although all this sounds very filmy, but this sacrifice has been proved by a Malaysian girl who owns a property worth crores of rupees. This girl named Angeline Francis left an inheritance of 300 million US dollars (about Rs. 2500 crores) to marry her boyfriend. Angeline Francis chose her true love over material things.

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Angeline Francis was born to Malaysian businessman Kho Kay Peng and former Miss Malaysia Pauline Chai. Angeline's father is the director of Corus Hotels. He is the 44th richest person in Malaysia. While Frances was studying at Oxford, she met Jedediah Francis and the two fell in love.

When Angeline told her family about her love, they refused and threatened to end their romance. Angeline's father didn't like her lover's background because Angeline's lover was from a normal background. The father threatens Angeline and asks her to break the love, but Angeline happily chooses love from her lover or her father's inheritance.

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Angeline Francis, the heiress of a Malaysian business tycoon, married Jedediah in 2008 and proved that “love conquers all.” Angeline left the luxurious life and chose love.

Let us know that this is not the first time that someone has sacrificed so much for love. In 2021, Princess Mako of Japan married Kei Komuroya. He was her college sweetheart and common man. Princess Mako is the niece of the Japanese emperor, but after marriage she renounces her title for love.