3 dogs were also killed, know the reason


Four people brutally murdered in america: A case of shooting death of a couple with two children has come to light in America. The attackers also killed the family’s three dogs. The incident is being told in Romeoville. which is located approximately 35 miles (56.3 km) southwest of Chicago, Illinois. A husband and wife and their two children have been murdered here. The police have said that it is a target killing. The family members reported the matter to the police. After which Romeville police recovered the bodies of the couple and their two sons along with three dogs.

The relative came to know about the incident at 8.45 pm on Sunday when one of the husband and wife did not go to work. After which the relatives reached the residence on Concord Avenue. When he reached the spot, there was blood in the house. The bodies of 38-year-old Alberto Rolan and 32-year-old Joraida Bartolome, along with their 7- and 9-year-old sons, were found here. who were shot Along with this, the dead bodies of three dogs were found, which were also shot.

The bodies were found 16 to 24 hours after the murder
Romeoville Police Department Deputy Chief Chris Byrne clarified the incident was a targeted killing. The police have found a lot of evidence from the spot. The matter will be closed soon. The police have expressed apprehension that the murder may have been committed between 9 pm on Saturday and 5 am on Sunday. But by the time the police found out about 16 to 24 hours had passed. Surprisingly, even the neighbors did not hear any gunshots.

Trust the police – they will reveal the matter soon
A neighbor said where the shooting happened. Just across that passage is the niece’s bedroom. But nothing was found. Neighbors said that the family did not talk much with anyone. He was very calm. A neighbor said that one of his dogs barks whenever something happens. But he also remained silent during the incident. However, the police say that whoever is guilty in this case will be arrested soon.


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