The government is worried about the number of employees, ban on samosas and kachoris in meetings, now such breakfast will be available.


Every person in India dreams of a government job. Why even see this? This job gives you stability. If you get a government job, you get support till old age. People sit comfortably in government offices and enjoy tea and breakfast along with their work. Until now jalebi was served with samosas and kachoris in the breakfast of government meetings. But this will not happen from now on.

Recently there has been a change in the menu of snacks served at government meetings. A departmental circular was issued for this, which is going viral. This new menu is also being discussed a lot on social media. Now according to the new menu, breakfast will be served in government meetings by the personnel department of the Bhajan Lal government. In this you will not find samosa, kachori or jalebi but only roasted items.

These things include
Fried food is having a bad effect on the health of government employees. Due to this the menu was changed. Now roasted chickpeas, peanuts, butter and multi-grain digestive biscuits will be served at meetings. This menu is designed keeping in mind the health of the employees. Orders have been issued in this regard.

Also made rules about water
It is not that only the breakfast menu has changed in the meeting. There are also new guidelines for drinking water. No more water will be served in plastic bottles. Employees and officials will be given water in glass glasses and bottles. These changes will now be seen in the Secretariat meetings. Orders in this regard have been passed on January 23.


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