The first flying taxi has arrived, this company got a license

Worlds first air taxi: You must have heard a lot about flying taxis. But this dream is now going to become a reality. A Chinese company has successfully tested the world’s first flying taxi. He has also received a certificate. That is, now this air taxi is fully ready to fly in cities.

The special thing is that it is completely electric and it will not consume much fuel. That means the expenses will also be very less. It is perfect for metros like Bangalore-Delhi as it can take you from home to office within minutes. At first it may seem like a dream to you, but it really happened.

According to the report of the New York Post, the Chinese company Ehang has launched this air taxi named EH216-S. It can carry 2 passengers at a time. Can carry 600 pounds i.e. 275 kg of luggage. The special thing is that it is driverless. That means only two passengers will sit in it. It is powered by 16 electric rotors and can fly at a speed of 128 km per hour. It can go up to 30 km on a single charge. The company is planning to extend it to 200 km. After this, this air taxi will become very useful for people.

What exactly is an electric air taxi?
This air taxi is controlled by a centralized command and control center. From there it controls the flight path, weather and other things. If passengers want to, they can select their destination from the touchscreen where they want to get off. They will not need to pilot the aircraft as it will be fully controlled by the command unit. A beautiful view of the city can be seen from the top.

No need for a runway to fly
The most special thing is that these air taxis will not need a runway to fly. It can take off from any common roof, parking lot or park. can land there They are also non-polluting as air taxis run on electricity. They can be fully charged in just 2 hours. They don’t even make any noise. The battery backup in the EH216-S air taxi is quite robust and can be replaced in a few minutes. There is also an emergency landing system and parachutes in case of a malfunction.

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