The bad news that brought the young Punjabi girl from the land of Canada…

Canada: Lakhs of youth are going abroad from Punjab every year in the hope of their better future. The events happening to the seven young people who crossed the ocean in search of a better future is also a matter of concern. Once again the unfortunate news has come out from Canada, where a young Punjabi girl has died in a road accident.

According to information, the deceased girl Jasmin Kaur Gondara (21) resident of Jalal (Bathinda) was married to Satwinder Singh resident of Vander (Faridkot) on August 5 last year. After that, she went to Canada to study on August 25. According to the family, the deceased Jasmin Kaur met with a road accident while returning to her home in the evening in Canada.

Jasmin Kaur, who was seriously injured, was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment, but she succumbed to her injuries. There is a wave of mourning in the village over the death of Jasmin Kaur. According to the information, the girl was sent abroad after getting married. After receiving the news of the girl’s death, the family is in a bad mood.

Every year, a large number of young men and women go to countries like Canada, America, Australia and they have a dream that they will go there to improve the economic condition of their family and make their future bright, but sometimes they are treated like this. Which is not even imagined. Every year, thousands of young people from India go to foreign lands for the sake of employment for a bright future. Where they have to fight for their daily bread and for the eternal place, but at the same time, the darlings of the 7 parents across the ocean die in the struggle of life.

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