Terrible road accident in Mathura, 5 people died


Terrible road accident in Mathura, 5 people died

Incidents of road accidents keep coming to the fore every day. One such road accident has happened in Mathura. 5 people died in this painful accident.

It is being told that the accident took place on the Yamuna Expressway (YXP). Where a bus full of passengers hit the divider after which it collided with a car.

Five people died due to this accident. The incident took place at mile stone 110 near village Kishanpur under Mahavan police station area of ​​Mathura.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Shailesh Pandey said that “Five people have died in a road accident on Yamuna Expressway.

The incident is said to have taken place when a bus traveling from Agra to Noida hit the divider and lost control and collided with a car.

Meanwhile, both the vehicles caught fire after the collision. The police officer said that the passengers saved their lives by jumping out, but the people in the car were burnt in this accident.

According to the eyewitnesses of this incident, despite the passage of half an hour, the fire brigade vehicle did not reach the place of the incident. The fire brigade reached the spot and tried to control the fire. Police are investigating the matter and further details are awaited.