Surrogacy is becoming difficult because of the law


Bollywood Actor Salman Khan: Salman Khan wants to become a father but India’s surrogacy law is not allowing him to do so. Bhaijaan said that he loves children very much and once thought of having a child, but it is not possible in India. Salman said- There is a lot of family pressure for marriage, so he is looking for the last love of his life.

Salman said all these things in Rajat Sharma’s show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’. He said – it was not the daughter-in-law’s plan, but the child’s intention. Now let’s see what can be done.

I like children very much: Salman
Salman talked about being a father of two children with filmmaker Karan Johar. He said – I was also trying to do the same, but now there may be a change in the law. I am very fond of children. There is a lot of love for him, but when the children come, so does the mother. Mother is very good to them. By the way, in our house, mother is only mother. We have the whole district, the whole village. They will all take care of the child. But the real mother of my child will also be my wife.

There is a lot of pressure from the family to get married
Salman said – I am under a lot of pressure. Now my parents have also started talking. I am 57 years old, now it is that whatever happens, there must be only one and it must be the last. who became a wife It will happen only if God wills it. The first time I said yes, then the second time no. Sometimes the opposite happened. But now the two sides are not talking. When yes, the marriage will also happen.

Salman said – Somewhere there was my mistake and the deficiency was only in me.
Talking about the last breakup, Salman said – When the first breakup happened, I thought it was his fault, I was thinking the same thing till the second, third breakup, but after the fourth breakup, I doubted myself a bit and then he Suspicion increased after. In the end it became clear that somewhere it was my fault and the deficiency was in me. Everything else was in place. She was probably afraid that I wouldn’t be able to give her the pleasure she wanted. The good thing is that everyone is very happy today.

I am surrounded by guns because of threats
On recent death threats, Salman said – it is better to focus on security than insecurity. I have been protected. Now it is not possible for me to ride a bike or go alone on the road. The biggest problem I have is when I’m in traffic. There is a lot of security there. The common people have to face problems due to the vehicles of the guards. Even those people misunderstand me. But my fans, my life is in great danger. So protection is given.

I am doing what I am told. I go everywhere with full security. I know what’s going to happen will happen, but it’s not like I’m going to start walking around unprotected. There are many lions around me these days. I am surrounded by so many guns that sometimes I am afraid of myself.

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