“Sukhbir Sinhan brought Fard from Oberoi Hotel in Gurgaon” : Bhagwant Mann


Chandigarh: The politics of Punjab is divided over the Sutlej Yamuna link issue. Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann’s challenge to political opponents for a debate on November 1 has further fueled the issue. The opposition parties had also raised many questions while accepting this challenge of Mann, to which the Chief Minister has now responded by tweeting another one.

He has written in a recent tweet that “Honorable Sunil Jakhar ji, Sukhbir Badal ji, Bajwa ji, Raja Waring ji.. Do any of you carry something called shame from home or not?.. Talk about silver. Balram Jakhar ji is also standing with the Captain in the photo. Devi Lal praised Parkash Singh Badal in the Haryana Vidhan Sabha for giving permission to conduct the SYL survey.

Sukhbir Sinhan brought Fard from the Oberoi Hotel in Gurgaon.. Don’t worry about the rest of the water, when the fields were small, my duty used to be to go round the ditch so that no ditch would come out of the ditch.. The duty is still God. has placed an e-mail on my khal but this time the khal’s name is ‘Sutlej’.. On 1st November, please bring the kursinama made for the kursi of your ancestors.. so that the people of my homeland Punjab also know to sacrifice How many times have they been sacrificed by talking about…”

Yesterday, Akali Dal marched towards the residence of Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann. In this March, two such chairs were seen in which Chief Minister Punjab was written on one chair. The Akali Dal claimed that this chair was brought for Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann to have an open debate with him. But Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann ran away before the debate.

Earlier, when Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann challenged the leaders of opposition parties on October 8, he wrote in his tweet that – BJP President Jakharji, Sukhbir Singh Badal of Akali Dal and Raja Waring-Pratap Bajwa of Congress. My open invitation is that instead of the daily kitch kitch, come and sit in front of the Punjabis and the media, how have you robbed Punjab so far, brothers, nephews, brothers-in-law, friends, toll plazas, young farmers, traders, shopkeepers, gurus. Bani, water of canals..let’s debate live on all issues..you can also bring paper with you but I will speak orally..November 1st ‘Punjab Day’ will be fine..you will also get time for preparation. I am fully prepared because you don’t have to use tricks to speak the truth.


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