Student sent to give 10th paper to see marriage 10th failed friend, if caught then says….


During the 10th exam, the flying team caught a fake examinee. On suspicion, the student was questioned and the whole matter came to light. In the inquiry, it was found that the young man who came to give the paper instead of his friend was himself a 10th fail. Investigators became suspicious when the photo pasted on the documents did not match the face of the student sitting in the exam hall.

When questioned about it, first the fake student Aman confidently tried to say that the photo was his, but the students sitting around him said that another boy had come for the exam earlier. This increased the suspicion. The photographs in the document were raising doubts. Finally, due to a mistake in the photograph, the student was handed over to the police after completing the paperwork. Then somewhere along the way, Aman admitted that he was giving the paper instead of his friend.

The fake student told the police that his friend had to participate in the wedding, so he came to take the exam in his place. This student appeared in the 10th class exam as a fake candidate in a prestigious school in Shivpuri Nagar. On Monday, the high school social science subject examination was held in 68 centers of the district.


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