Street Food: Special samosas full of taste are available here in Gumla, 700 pieces are sold daily

Gumla, People of Roshan’s shop located at Birsa Munda Agro Park on Jashpur road of Gumla district headquarters of Jharkhand are crazy about the samosas. As soon as the shop opens here, there is a crowd of samosa eaters. The samosa here is famous for its taste. From those who come to visit the park, those who come to the hospital, those who come to the court to school-college children all come here to eat samosas. Apart from samosas, potato chops, bread chops, gulab jamuns, cold drinks are also available at Roshan’s shop, but samosas are sold the most here.

The owner of the shop, Roshan Kumar told that he has been setting up shop here for the last 15 years. Earlier, he used to sell a samosa for five rupees. But, due to inflation, the price had to be increased gradually. Now samosas, potato chops, bread chops are sold at the rate of eight rupees. Whereas, Gulab Jamun is Rs.10 a piece. They wake up early in the morning and prepare samosas and gulab jamuns at home. Samosas are brought to the shop and sold after frying.

He told that due to the park there is a crowd till night. In such a situation, all their items are sold till the shop is closed. They open the shop every day from 2 pm to 9 pm. Every day 500 to 700 pieces of samosa are sold here. He has a daily sale of Rs 7,000 to 8,000.

Ankit Kumar, who came to eat Samosa, told that he has been coming here for a long time to have breakfast. They also come with their family and friends. The taste of samosa here is excellent.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 31, 2023, 21:38 IST

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