Split Ends Hair: Can’t get rid of split ends hair? So do 5 easy measures at home: you will see the difference in days


How To Get Rid Of Split Ends: Be it men or women, people of all genders like to have long hair these days but this hobby is not so easy to follow as it leads to problems like hair loss, roughness etc. If the beauty of the hair is reduced, it affects the overall appearance. Hair care problems arise when you are faced with split ends.

Those with long hair face the problem of split ends. This can be caused by chemical hair products, increased dirt and pollution. Let’s know how to get rid of split ends.

1. There is a lot of use of chemical based shampoos in today’s era, due to which the problem of split ends is also increasing. For this it is important that you use herbal shampoo as it does not contain chemicals.

2. You can get rid of split ends with papaya. For this, grind the pulp of papaya and mix curd in it to make a paste. Apply it well on the scalp so that it gets absorbed into the roots completely. If you do this regularly, the desired results will appear.

3. Massage the head with oil and then squeeze a cotton towel dipped in warm water. Wrap your hair with this towel and leave it like this for some time. If you repeat this process 2 to 3 times, you will get rid of split ends.

4. Banana contains important nutrients like iron, potassium, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E which are beneficial for hair health. Take a banana, mash it and apply it on your hair, then after some time wash it off with herbal shampoo.

5. Using eggs will help you get rid of split ends. The yellow part of the egg, called the yolk, strengthens hair, although vegetarians may not want to.

Change the diet
Dr. Ayushi Yadav, a famous dietician working at GIMS Hospital in Greater Noida, said that proper diet is essential for good hair health, for this you should pay attention to these things.

– Eggs should be consumed for better hair health as it is a rich source of protein and biotin which is essential for hair growth.

Eating spinach provides your hair with nutrients like folate, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C which are essential for shiny hair.

– For hair care you can increase the intake of fatty fish like salmon, its benefits will be seen in few days.

Speaking of fruits, avocados and sweet potatoes provide vitamin E which can help in getting rid of damaged hair.

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