SBI had to increase the staff to count so many offerings in Ayodhya's Ram temple


The newly built Ram temple has received around Rs 25 crore in donations in a month since the Prana Pratishtha on January 22, including 25 kg of gold and silver jewellery. Prakash Gupta, in-charge of the Ram Temple Trust office, said that the amount of Rs 25 crore includes checks, drafts and cash deposited in the office of the temple trust as well as the amount deposited in the donation boxes.

“However, we do not have information about the money transferred through online medium to the trust's bank accounts,” he said. Gupta said, 'Since January 23, almost 60 lakh pilgrims have visited.'

Gupta said that “such is the devotion of Ram devotees that they are donating items made of silver and gold for Ramlala, which cannot be used in the Sri Ram Janmabhoomi temple. “Despite this, in view of the devotion of the devotees, the Ram Temple Trust is accepting gold and silver articles, jewellery, utensils and donations.”

The temple trust expects an increase in donations during the Ram Naomi festival as around five million pilgrims are expected to visit Ayodhya during that time. According to Gupta, it is hoped that a large amount of cash can be received in the form of donations on the occasion of Ram Naomi, in view of which the State Bank of India has installed four automatic counting machines at Ram Janmabhoomi.

He said, “A dozen computerized counters have been set up by the trust to issue receipts and additional donation boxes are being kept by the Ram Mandir Trust in the temple premises. “A large and well-equipped counting room will soon be constructed in the Ram temple complex,” Gupta said.

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Anil Mishra, Trustee of the Temple Trust said that the responsibility of melting and preserving the gold and silver ornaments and valuables gifted to Ram Lalla has been handed over to the Government of India Mint for evaluation.

Mishra said that along with this, a memorandum of understanding has been signed between the State Bank of India and the Trust. According to the MoU, the State Bank will take full responsibility for collecting donations, cheques, drafts and cash and depositing the same in the bank. Mishra said that the State Bank team has started its work by increasing the number of employees and the donated cash is being counted in two shifts daily.

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