Russia will challenge NASA in space, will build its own space station by 2027

Russia will challenge NASA in space, will build its own space station by 2027

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Russia will now challenge the US space agency NASA’s dominance in space by building its own space station. Its complete preparations have been done in Moscow, a part of it has also been prepared, which will be launched by 2027. Russian President Vladimir Putin made the announcement at a meeting with the space industry. The special thing is that despite the failure of Luna-25, Russia has decided to go ahead with the Moon mission as well.

Russia recently announced its withdrawal from the International Space Station. The Russian space agency announced that Russia will participate in the ISS only until 2028. The ISS was jointly built by 15 countries including the American space agency NASA, the European Space Agency, the Russian Space Agency. Now Putin has confirmed this by announcing Russia’s own space station. This is a big blow to America as China has already built its own space station, now Russia is also in line.

Participation in the ISS was a temporary measure

Putin announced at a meeting with the space industry that the extension of participation in the ISS until 2028, made 25 years ago, was a temporary measure. He said that the International Space Station is running out of resources, in which case we need to bring a full space station into service, the first part of which will be installed by 2027. Expressing his intentions, Putin said that we have to move quickly in this direction, otherwise Russia may be left behind in terms of human space flight. So we have to move ahead keeping in mind all the advanced achievements of science and technology, so that it proves to be a milestone.

Russia will also advance the moon mission

Putin announced the continuation of the Moon mission with the Russian space station. Referring to Luna-25, which was launched to go to the moon after 47 years, Putin said that I was fully informed about the crash of Luna-25, we have not given up hope and we will continue our moon mission. “Mistakes happen, it’s a shame for all of us, but we know our capabilities and we can do the same in the future,” Putin said.

From 2024 will have to work on war level

Yuri Borisov, the head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, said that Russian scientists will have to work at war-level from 2024, as the ISS is aging. It will stop working by 2030. In such a case, this is a good opportunity for us to prove ourselves. If we miss this, we will lose our capability, because without our representation in the ISS, we will not have a station in space. Borisov also said that Russia could launch its next lunar mission in 2026.