Renault’s electric SUV will cover 450 km on full charge, with great features


Renault electric SUV: Indian companies like Hyundai, MG, Tata Motors have already launched their electric cars in the market but now Renault is also ready to join the EV race.

In fact, the company will soon launch its first electric car Magne-E SUV Can launch. The company has also recently unveiled a preview of its upcoming car, after which it is speculated that it may be launched in India soon.

Renault electric SUV
Renault electric SUV

Let us tell you that the company has shown a glimpse of the production model of this car, it is speculated that this car may soon hit the market. However, the car has not been seen during testing. The SUV Megane-e is a fully electric car. The design of this electric car can be similar to the recently launched sub compact SUV Renault Kiger.

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