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Bureau report : 2 important news regarding the future of Punjab University Chandigarh are in discussion. Earlier, Governor of Punjab Banwari Lal Purohit held a meeting with Chief Ministers of Punjab and Haryana regarding its grant. The second is the step taken by the university syndicate to make Punjabi an essential language, regarding which the member of the Rajya Sabha from Punjab, Vikramjit Singh Sahni, has written a letter to the Vice President. First let me tell you what was Haryana’s stand in the meeting regarding the grant of the university and what was the response of the Chief Minister of Punjab?

Meeting regarding the grant of Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University has received grants from the Center and Punjab. The Chief Minister of Punjab, Bhagwant Mann, said that since the students of Haryana are also studying in the university, the grant should be taken from them, regarding which the Governor Banwari Lal Purohit had called the Chief Ministers of both the states for a meeting. However, in the 90s, when Bansi Lal became the Chief Minister of Haryana, he said that we have many universities. Therefore, we do not need Chandigarh University, but during the meeting with the Governor of Punjab, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said that Haryana is ready to give grants, but Punjab University should recognize their colleges. Khattar said that Chief Minister Mann has asked for time for this. Indirectly, Haryana has once again asserted its right on Punjab University in exchange for a grant. On the other hand, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has said that this issue is related to the sentiments of Punjab, the right of the state is most important to me, I am ready to be a part of this meeting until I talk to all parties. no There will be a meeting between the two chief ministers again on June 5, in which an important decision can be taken.

Panjab University grant calculation

Total expenditure of PU 761.70 crores
Grant from the Center – 294.77 crores
Grant from Punjab – 38.30 crores
Income to PU -310 crores
PU needs more – 118 crores

Controversy over Punjabi language

Vikramjit Singh Sahni, a member of the Rajya Sabha from Punjab, has strongly objected to the decision taken regarding Punjabi language in the Syndicate meeting of Punjab University on May 29 and has written a letter to the Vice President and Chancellor of the University. is

MP Sahni said that Punjabi has got the status of an essential language in Punjab University. This has been approved by the board but the syndicate has held a meeting and has declared it as minor or non-essential which cannot be tolerated. He said that the syndicate has no right to take such a decision.
Sahni said that nearly 200 colleges come under Punjab University and this will affect it. If the decision of the Syndicate is implemented, then Punjabi will be an essential language only in 2 semesters, while earlier Punjabi was given the status of an essential language in all 6 semesters in undergraduate. Punjabi University Patiala and Sri Guru Nanak Dev University have also given Punjabi the status of essential language in undergraduate. This will mean that half of the students of Punjab will be alienated from the Punjabi language.
He said that the Board of Study and Language has declared Punjabi as an essential language, so how can the syndicate change it? MP Vikramjit Singh Sahni has appealed to the Vice President to immediately stop the decision of the syndicate.

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