Property worth 5 crores of 13 drug traffickers will be confiscated, Khanna Police’s drug operation is big, Punjab government will make the state drug free – Punjabi news | Khanna police will seize property worth 5 crores of 13 drug smugglers, know full details in punjabi


Punjab government is taking continuous action against drug traffickers. And now the Khana police have prepared to confiscate the property worth 5 crores of 13 drug smugglers. The state government will start a plan to take blood samples of youth and students from Patiala. With which it will be known which people are addicted to drugs so that they can be treated.

Punjab News Chief of Punjab on 15 August Minister Bhagwant Hon (Minister Bhagwant Mann) had announced to make the state drug free within one year. After which a big action against drugs is seen in the state. In the same vein, Khanna police, while carrying out a major operation against drug traffickers, has succeeded in attaching the property of 13 people worth about 5 crore rupees in 5 cases.

In the coming days, this property of drug traffickers will be confiscated. Out of these 3 cases are related to Samrala Police Station and 2 cases are related to Sri Machiwara Sahib Police Station.

Commercial recovery of drugs in 5 cases

SSP (SSP) Amanit Kondal said that in these 5 cases, the police had made commercial recovery of narcotics. During the investigation, it came to light that the drug traffickers have made immovable assets while earning black money on a large scale from this business. In which some property is also in the name of family members of smugglers. The case was vigorously pursued by preparing its complete file.

Government of India (Government of India) The order of confiscation of property has been accepted by the concerned authority. This is a big success of Khanna Police. When the illegal property of these drug traffickers will be seized, other drug traffickers will also get a lesson.

How much property will be confiscated?

Samarala (Samara) 25 lakh 39 thousand 820 rupees property of Amritpal Singh, a resident of village Balio, was attached. His wife Rachpal Kaur’s property worth Rs 88 lakh 50 thousand was attached. In total, the property of the husband and wife worth 1 crore 13 lakh 89 thousand, 820 rupees will be confiscated. The property of Gurjit Singh Jiti, a resident of village Rohle in Samrala, worth 10 lakh 7 thousand 130 rupees will be confiscated.

Amanjot Kaur Soni’s property worth 82 lakh 20 thousand rupees and her husband Palwinder Singh’s property worth 52 thousand 4 rupees will be confiscated. 8 lakh 6 thousand 485 rupees of Jasvir Singh Jassa resident of Kang Mohalla, Samrala and 8 lakh 32 thousand 410 rupees of his wife Balveer Kaur will be confiscated.

Attached property of 6 smugglers of Machiwara Sahib

64 lakh 84 thousand 659 rupees of Jasdev Singh, a resident of Hambowal, Machiwara Sahib, and 8 lakh rupees of his wife Simranjit Kaur will be confiscated. Property worth 1 crore 80 lakh 67 thousand 83 rupees of Jasdev Singh, his brother Gurdev Singh, wife Kuldeep Kaur and sister Sukhmeet Kaur living in Nagra Colony of Machiwara Sahib will be confiscated.


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