Preparations are being made to deal with pollution in Bihar, these commercial vehicles will be banned, fitness centers are being built

Patna. In order to stop the increasing pollution in different areas of Bihar, work is going on fast at the state government level to ban the operation of commercial diesel passenger trains. The government has also made a policy to give subsidy to 15 years old vehicles under the scrap policy. At the same time, the DTO office is also running a campaign in all the districts of the state to convert passenger vehicles into CNG and petrol, so that the drivers help in reducing pollution by converting passenger vehicles into CNG.

15 years old diesel commercial vehicles closed in urban area of ​​Patna

On the instructions of the Transport Department, the operation of 15-year-old diesel buses and autos within the limits of Patna Municipal Corporation area, Danapur, Khagaul and Phulwari Sharif Municipal Council area is stopped immediately. At the same time, the government vehicle which was running on diesel has also been stopped. A review is being done by the department to completely ban the operation of diesel vehicles, although no decision has yet been taken by the government on this issue.

Grant will be available under scrap policy to be implemented in Bihar

The state cabinet has decided to give tax exemption on the purchase of new vehicles in place of vehicles declared as scrap under the scrap policy in Bihar. According to officials, there will be a discount on the purchase of private and commercial vehicles. A notification in this regard has been issued by the Transport Department.

Automatic fitness centers are being built

Automatic fitness centers are being set up in the state to check vehicles. Here the fitness check of the vehicles will be done in a computerized manner.

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