Prepaid Smart Meters will be installed across the country by 2025, will change the way electricity is paid


Smart meters will now be installed in every home across the country. The government has set a time limit for this.

Let me tell you that a few days back, the Ministry of Power had advised all the Union Ministries of the government to instruct the institutions under its administrative control to install prepaid smart meters. Now a notification has been issued by the Ministry of Power. Prepaid smart meters Since its inception, it is expected that the financial position of power distribution companies, which are still burdened with outstanding electricity bills, will improve.

Prepaid Smart Meters
Prepaid Smart Meters

The prepaid meter works just like a prepaid mobile, meaning as much electricity as money. However, prepaid meters are used in many parts of the country. Which needs to be recharged. After installing prepaid meters in central government offices, industrial units, it will be implemented across the country. Prepaid smart meters will be installed in the homes of all electricity consumers. As per the notification issued by the Ministry of Power, prepaid smart meters would be installed everywhere except agriculture.

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