'Politics is not 9 to 5, it is a 24 hours duty' – CM Mann targets MP Sunny Deol


Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has reached Pathankot today for a government-business meeting. This two-day program was started by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann yesterday from Mukerian. Two programs are being conducted today. The second program is going to be held in Dinanagar. The Chief Minister interacted with the traders. Meanwhile, the Chief Minister also targeted Pathankot MP Sunny Deol.

CM said that Sunny Deol Sahib, this politics is not a 9 to 5 duty but a 24 hours duty. People say they have elected the wrong MP, who spends three hours sitting in the vanity doing make-up and comes out for an hour. They have no knowledge of the areas of Pathankot.

The Chief Minister sharply criticized Sunny Deol and said that a pipeline was dug on the other side of the border but not a single pipeline was laid here. He said that I have also been in Parliament since 2019 but I have not seen Sunny Deol there in three years. An M. P. There is a bridge between the people and the government. But they have never come here and seen. Explaining the importance of vote to the people, he said that no one should vote like this, it is very valuable.

Along with this, the Chief Minister said that most of the toll plazas of Punjab have been closed. Before this, only oil was tolled in the journey from Pathankot to Chandigarh. Now most of them have been closed. They are also eyeing the toll plaza of the National Highway. Any breach of this Agreement shall terminate immediately.

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The Chief Minister said that earlier a businessman with land worth Rs 200 crore used to run around for three years to get different NOCs. After struggling for three years, he finally had to sell the land at a loss and go to Madhya Pradesh. But now they have come with color stamp paper. You just have to buy it, the rest will happen automatically.

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