Pictures of Kohli’s peers selling roadside rings go viral on social media


We all know each other by faces. But sometimes when we see two people with the same face (identical) we are surprised. You have often seen the likes of all the big names on social media.

virat kohli look a like picture
virat kohli look a like picture

Which also garners a lot of headlines. These days, a picture of a man who looks like Indian batsman Virat Kohli is going viral on social media. This picture has been shared on social media by a Twitter user named ‘Yo Yo Fani Singh’. Sharing this, the caption of this picture is written – Virat Cornley. As soon as this picture was shared on social media, it started being discussed everywhere. However, it was not immediately clear where the picture came from. In that case, we cannot confirm the authenticity of this picture. But the picture is going viral on social media.

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As soon as this picture is shared on social media, people are giving different reactions. After looking at the picture, one user wrote that this is amazing, this person looks exactly like Kohli to me. At the same time another user wrote that looking at this picture it is difficult to tell the difference that this is not real Kohli. This picture is being shared on various social media platforms. Many people have also shared this picture with surprise emoji from their social media accounts.

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