Oxygen leaked in Faridkot hospital, people ran out with patients, accident happened while changing nozzles


Punjab News of Faridkot Guru Gobind Medical College (Guru Gobind Medical College) And the gas leaked in the hospital, causing chaos in the hospital. The accident took place at around 5 pm on Sunday while changing nozzles in Medicine Ward 4 of the hospital. Relatives of some of the patients present in the ward began to evacuate their patients after hearing the loud sound of oxygen gas leakage, although several people were also seen explaining to the patients that there was no possibility of any harm due to this. After this people breathed a sigh of relief.

There was a gas leak here a few days ago

Let us tell you that a few days ago in the medical college department Oxygen gas leak (Oxygen gas leak) was done Due to which there was loss. About the incident of oxygen gas leakage in Medical Ward 4, Medical Superintendent Dr. Neetu Kukkar said that the gas was leaked due to technical reasons but it did not cause any harm. Neither patient was harmed. She will try to ensure that no such mistake happens in future.