One such hotel, where the employees who insult the customers, still there is a crowd!


Whenever people visit a hotel or restaurant, they obviously look at the service and facilities, and also how the staff behaves towards the customers and how the food is served. All these things make a hotel or restaurant good and people come there, but just think, if you go to a hotel and the facilities are zero, the staff insults you, would you ever go to that hotel again? would you like Of course your answer will be no but you will be surprised to know that there is a similar hotel in London, where facilities are not provided and money is charged outrageously, yet people go there.

According to a report, the customers are abused in this hotel even by taking money and the surprising thing is that the customers tolerate the humiliation silently. Saying anything to the hotel staff here means further disrespect. If you are thinking that they do this voluntarily then you are wrong. Employees do not insult people willingly, but they also get paid to insult people. This hotel is located in Burnet, London and is known as 'Cairns Hotel'. The rent for just one night here is around 20 thousand rupees.

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Earlier this hotel was a restaurant but now it has been converted into a hotel. Customers who come here are humiliated along with the food. If guests ask for water from the hotel staff, they are asked to fetch water from the sink themselves. The waiters throw plates of food at the customers and are sometimes seen taking food from them very rudely. People coming here are not given towels, toilet rolls or even basic amenities. The funniest part is that even the hotel owner himself advertises it as the worst hotel in the world.

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