Now it will be difficult for cheaters to play in PUBG: New State, new update of Crafton!


Krafton has made a new update to the anti-cheat system of PUBG: New State. The company has said that this new update will now increase the strictness against players who misbehave and cheat in the game. Crafton recently updated the policy to ban cheating players. This step was taken to reduce the cases of cheating in Battle Grounds Mobile India (BGMI).

Twitter But Crafton said it has updated its anti-cheat system to PUBG: New State. Pubg New State has been downloaded 4.5 crore times so far. The company also shared the information about the new update on Facebook. This will create problems for players who are playing with players who use illegal programs in the squad.

Many multiplayer games are affected by hackers and cheaters who use illegal programs to get ahead of other players. The use of such illegal programs spoils the experience of those players in the game who are playing properly. That’s why Crafton constantly updates its anti-cheat system. It detects cheaters who are using illegal programs.

Crafton had earlier provided another similar update. In order to reduce fraud in this, the company blocked PUBG: New State from running on devices on which the developer option was enabled. Apart from this, the company recently implemented a new device ban policy for Chirts. Crafton has now started permanently banning the devices of gamers who play fraudulently in BGMI. Due to this, these gamers are not able to play the game on that device even through another account. Whether or not the company will bring a device ban policy for Pubg New State, it cannot be said about it yet.

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