Do rainbows form on Mars, NASA expert told

Do rainbows form on Mars, NASA expert told


Are there rainbows on the planet Mars? NASA has answered this question in a new episode of its ‘Ask the Expert’ series. In a video shared on Instagram, NASA’s Planetary Scientist and Mars Expert ‘Mark Lemon’ has tried to explain this. So the answer to this question is- no. There are no rainbows on Mars. Although many other things are like the Earth. Explaining the reason why there is no rainbow on Mars, Lemon has told that for its formation there are other things besides water. Rainbows are formed when sunlight passes through a circular drop, reflects and reaches the human eye. This usually happens after rain.

Lemon said that it takes circular drops of water to form a rainbow. He told that there are not enough water droplets on Mars. The droplets on Mars are 10 times smaller than those found in Earth’s clouds and these droplets need to be at least 10 times as large to form a rainbow. Lemmon said that there may be ice in the clouds of Mars, but this too is of no use to make rainbows.

So what did the Perseverance rover see in the sky of Mars in early April? After much speculation on social media, NASA revealed that it was a lens flare. Lemon also mentioned the incident in the video. NASA has made it clear that there is no rainbow on Mars, but there are many events like Earth. That is, there are clouds on Mars. There are storms and winds too.

To search for the possibility of life on Mars, NASA has been sending machines and equipment there since the year 1970. Recently, NASA’s Mars rover has seen something like this in the planet, which no one has ever seen. The Mars rover scratches the surface in the Jezero crater region of Mars. After this, something was found from under the rock, which certainly had never been seen before. These images have raised curiosity about the mysteries of the possible existence of life on Mars. The rover will now collect these samples, so that scientists on Earth can make further discoveries.

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