Motor Insurance Claim Rejection: Why Your Vehicle Insurance Claim Can Be Rejected, Know


Motor Insurance Claim Rejection Causes: Motor Insurance of the vehicle acts as such protection for the vehicle in which if the vehicle or motorcycle is in an accident, then it can be claimed from the insurance company. However, there are some unpleasant situations in which the insurance company can refuse to pay the motor insurance money.

There can be many reasons for your insurance claim getting rejected, which if you are not aware of it, then you can get into trouble. So here we are giving work information about him.

Under what circumstances the claim is received
Whether it is a 2 wheeler or a 4 wheeler, the claim is received from the insurance company only if the damage is caused by accident, due to natural calamity, theft of the vehicle or accidental fire in the vehicle. Now know here that due to which the claim of the vehicle can be rejected.

Delay in renewal of the policy can lead to rejection
If you do not renew the motor insurance policy on time and during this time there is an accident of the vehicle, then the company can refuse to pay the claim.

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Providing wrong information to the insurer
If wrong information is given at the time of taking the insurance policy of the vehicle or the condition of the vehicle is shown incorrectly, then the claim can also get rejected. For example, the claim can be rejected even if you do not disclose the damage already done or give wrong information after the accident.

Lesser known about insurance policies or add on covers
One of the main reasons for claim rejection is that certain types of damages are not covered by the policy and separate add-on covers have to be taken for them. For example, there is no cover in the basic policy for damage to the engine or damage to the vehicle with passing time. Hence, you should take separate engine protector and zero depreciation add-on covers for this.

On modification or alteration in the vehicle
If you get CNG kit installed in the vehicle or get any accessories installed separately or make any changes in the vehicle body, then you should immediately inform the insurer or else the claim may get rejected in case of accident.

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The claim can be rejected even if there is a mechanical or electrical breakdown.
Motor insurance policy does not cover any kind of mechanical or electrical failure or breakdown.

To be sent for repair without informing the insurance company in case of accident
A common mistake that vehicle owners make is that in case of some accident or damage, the vehicle itself is sent for repair and after that the insurance company is informed about it. It is difficult for the company to find out how much damage has been done to the vehicle in an accident and it is more difficult to find out after the repair is done due to which it can refuse to pay the claim.

On using the vehicle for commercial use
If you have taken the vehicle for personal use but you are using it for commercial use then the claim can be rejected in case of accident.

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