Know which country has the largest number of Indians


Indians in Abroad: A large number of Indians are moving to other countries in search of a better future for themselves. Along with the number of students going abroad for studies, the number of people going abroad for jobs is also very high.

There are still a large number of Indians living abroad, which you are also aware of. But, do you know which country is favorite for Indians and where most Indians are going. So let’s know which country in the world has the largest number of Indians.

Actually, there are two categories of Indians living abroad and people from those categories are living abroad. While living abroad as NRI and PIO. So let’s know which country has the largest number of Indians.

How many Indians abroad?

According to the official website of the Ministry of External Affairs, 1,34,59,195 NRIs live abroad. In addition, 1,86,83,645 live in India as PIOs, which stands for Persons of Indian Origin. Means those Indians who are living there temporarily. If we look at the complete data, more than three crore Indians including NRIs and PIOs are living abroad, the number is 32100340.

Which country has the most Indians?

If we talk about India’s favorite country, America is the most favorite country, where most Indians live. Let us tell you that 44 lakh 60 thousand Indians are currently living in America and they include about 12 lakh NRIs and 31 lakh PIOs.

It is followed by UAE, where 3425144 Indians are living and this includes 3419875 NRIs. In this, Saudi Arabia is at the third number, where 2594947 Indians live, of which 2592166 are non-resident Indians.

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