Know how ovarian tuberculosis affect your fertility. On World TB Day, know how ovarian tuberculosis can affect your fertility.

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TB means Tuberculosis or Tuberculosis is a disease spread by bacteria (Mycobacterium Tuberculosis). It spreads when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Generally, due to TB, problems like cough and sometimes blood in cough, weight loss, night sweats and fever can be faced. If untreated, it can prove fatal. These days the risk of Ovary Tuberculosis is also increasing in women. Which also harms their fertility. Let us know everything about it on World Tuberculosis Day.

World Tuberculosis Day

World TB Day is observed every year on 24 March to raise awareness about TB and resolve to end this global epidemic. On March 24, 1882, Dr. Robert Koch discovered the TB-causing bacteria. This opened the way for the diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

This time the theme of World Tuberculosis Day is- Yes, we all can end TB (Yes! We can end TB).

To know more about Ovarian Tuberculosis, we spoke to Dr. Ritu Sethi, Senior Consultant Gynaecology, Cloud Nine Hospital and Apex Clinic, Gurugram.

World TB Day is observed every year on 24 March to raise awareness about TB and resolve to end this global epidemic. Image: shutterstock

What are the causes of Ovarian TB (Ovarian Tuberculosis Causes)

Dr. Ritu explains, “Female genital tuberculosis (FGTB) in most cases is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This usually becomes the medium for TB of the lungs or other organs. That’s why it is also called extra pulmonary tuberculosis. It spreads through the blood or lymphatic way or from the abdomen to other organs.

Due to female genital tuberculosis, fallopian tubes are affected in 90 percent of women. While the uterine endometrium is affected in 70 percent of cases. Due to about 10-15 percent female genital tuberculosis, ovary or ovary is affected in women.

Causes of infertility

Dr. Ritu explains, “Ovarian Tuberculosis causes damage to the genital organs. This causes fibroids to form. Irregularity starts in the period, which later becomes the cause of infertility. It can also cause severe pain in the lower abdomen.

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Ovarian tuberculosis becomes the cause of infertility. Image: Adobe Stock

The most common clinical symptoms of pelvic TB are pelvic pain, general malaise, fever, weight loss, menstrual irregularities, and infertility. Pelvic fever does not subside despite high doses of broad-spectrum antibiotics symptoms of tuberculosis

Genetic reasons can also be responsible (Family History)

In this, it is necessary to know the health history of the woman, so that genetic causes can be detected. Apart from these, clinical examination and proper investigation are also done. Specifically endoscopy, endometrial aspirate or biopsy and also performed by laparoscopy. during treatment Multi-drug antitubercular is also given

Ovarian TB Treatment

Ovarian TB can be cured with treatment. In this, anti-tuberculous therapy is also run for 6 – 9 months. There is also surgery in this. It is limited only to cases in which other treatments have not worked.

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Ovarian TB can be cured with treatment. Image: Shutter Stock

For better results, drainage of pyosalpinx is done after anti-TB, i.e. the water present in it is removed. Removal of large tubo-ovarian abscesses is also attempted. If someone has extra pulmonary tuberculosis, then other organs should also be examined, so that it can be known whether TB has affected other organs as well or not.

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