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Bureau report : The news of the movement of Sikh youth coming from a college in Delhi, I am sure you will also be filled with anger after hearing this. The manner in which they have made a mockery of Sikh morality is very shameful. The surprising thing is that these students were from Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College. Among the students who are mocking the etiquette, some Amritdhari students are also seen in the video. The college comes under Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee. After the video went viral, now the college has taken action against the students and the students have also apologized. But the manner in which Sikh morals have been mocked by Sikh students is very disturbing.

The students did this movement

In fact, in the video of Sikh youths in Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College, which is going viral, the young boys are acting like carrying the image of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji by keeping the bag on their heads and saying Satnam-Wahiguru in a funny manner. And they are also making jokes while going. Then one student throws that bag to the other. The disturbing thing is that all the students were young people from Sikh homes. It cannot even be said that they were young or unintelligent, all of them were around 20. After the video went viral, the college administration has suspended 10 students.

The students appearing in the video have apologized in writing, but their shameful act has definitely hurt the hearts of the Sikh community. If the Sikh youth will not follow the etiquette, how can anyone else be expected. Although the college has suspended them, but the parents also have a duty to teach their children, at least they should explain the meaning of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.

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