Israel-Hamas war may increase towards the Middle East, increased activities in Arab countries

The factionalism that is being done over the Israel-Hamas war is now at its peak. a faction Israel (Israel) and the other is preparing itself for war to help Hamas. The result of which is that the war between Israel and Hamas has now spread throughout the Arab world. The possibility of an ammo outbreak has increased in several countries in the Middle East.

In fact, there are some big characters on Multi Front War and some very small ones. Yes, the Gaza Strip aside (Gaza Strip) Terrible destruction has been going on for the last 22 days, but at the same time, attacks on Israel have started from many fronts. Lebanon’s Hezbollah fighters are attacking Israel. At the same time, groups supported by Iran in Syria are attacking Israel. Apart from this, attacks on American military bases in Syria are continuing. Along with this, attacks are also taking place on American military bases in Iraq.

That is, along with Israel, US military bases and airbases in the Middle East are being targeted. In fact, Iran is angry because of the US intervention in the Israel-Hamas war. In such a case, it is being claimed that Iran has directly declared war with the US and started military exercises, due to which the US has deployed 900 new soldiers in Arabia.

Hezbollah created a network of tunnels

Well, if anyone has entered the war directly, it is the Lebanese Hezbollah organization. It is even being claimed that like Hamas, Hezbollah has also built a network of tunnels. These tunnels of Hezbollah stretch from Lebanon to the Israeli border. In which there are more than 1 lakh fighters of Hezbollah.

The Iran-Hezbollah link

Meanwhile, news is also coming that Iran has given 358 missiles to Hezbollah. With the help of which they could destroy the Israeli fighter planes and helicopters in the sky because 358 missiles are going to hit from the ground to the sky. That is, now through Iranian weapons Hezbollah Will attack Israel’s air fighters. This will spread the Israel-Hamas war from Gaza to the whole of Arabia.