Indian youth died of heart attack in America


A young man from Karnal in Haryana died of a heart attack in America. He went to California by donkey in August 2022 after investing Rs 30 lakh. There he worked as a store keeper. It is being told that he suffered a heart attack 4 days ago. Since then he was hospitalized. He died on Friday morning. The deceased person has been identified as Sanjay (36) resident of Narukhedi. The family has requested to bring the body to India.

Jitendra, cousin of the deceased, said that Sanjay had gone to America in August 2022. It took him about 8 to 9 months to reach there by donkey. Meanwhile, he had returned from the border about 2-3 times. After this he somehow entered America. After this, he did not find work in America for one and a half to two months. Later he got a job and started working in the store.

Jatinder told that Sanjay had suffered a heart attack before. Then his friends admitted him to the hospital. He recovered, but since then he had been ill. Couldn't even work properly. On January 11, he again suffered a heart attack.

Cousin Rajneesh and other friends admitted him to the hospital. On January 11, Sanjay spoke to his mother, wife and children on phone. He said that he is absolutely fine and will recover soon. But then at 3 am the family got the news of Sanjay's death.

Jatinder said that Sanjay got married about 13 years ago. After that he had two sons. In which the age of one is about 12 years and the age of the other is about 9 years.

The family members of the deceased Sanjay have requested the government and administration to bring the dead body to India. Because the family does not have enough money to bring the dead body to India. The loan taken by Sanjay has not been repaid till now. Due to which the family does not have money to bring his dead body to India. The family members are requesting the administration that after the return of Sanjay's body, they will be able to perform his last rites.