In Punjab, the Aartis have announced a strike, these demands have been put before the government…

Chandigarh: Paddy season has started in Punjab. The faces of the farmers are bright due to the increased prices of Basmati in the Kisan Mandis. Meanwhile, all Aarti Associations in the state have announced a strike. The Aartis have gone on strike in 2000 grain markets of the state. The main reason for the Aarti strike is to reduce Aarti from 2.5% to 1%. Due to which there is resentment towards the central government among the Aartis. Due to this strike of aartis, paddy is not being purchased in the markets and the farmers who have come to sell the crop are facing trouble.

Aartis say that the central government has reduced their aarti from 2.5 to 1%. They demanded the government to increase their rate to 2.5% only.

Let us tell you that earlier the workers working in the markets have gone on strike. They say that the government had promised to increase our wages but it has not been fulfilled yet.

Darshan Lal, chairman of Mazdoor Union Punjab, said that there was no increase in wages after 2011. In this regard, there was constant discussion with the Punjab government. But no one listened. The strike was started from October 7 in the markets of Punjab. Due to this, procurement of paddy and other operations were affected in all markets, including Khanna, Asia’s largest grain market. On Sunday, SDM Swati Tiwana reached Khanna Mandi and interacted with labor leaders. The SDM assured that the administration has spoken to the chairman of the Punjab Mandi Board.

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