In Jalandhar, the police solved the mystery of the blind murder, the friend turned out to be the killer


Jalandhar: The commissionerate police has solved the mystery of the blind murder that took place near Dana Mandi near Gopal Nagar in just 24 hours and arrested the accused who carried out the incident.

Police Commissioner Swapan Sharma and D. C. P. Ankur Gupta said that the arrested accused has been identified as Karan Bhatia alias Rikki resident of Ram Nagar. He said that the arrested accused is an auto driver. At around 10:30 in the morning on Shanvira, they received information from the police control room that a 40-year-old unidentified person was lying in a pool of blood near the Nawi Dana Mandi near Gopal Nagar.

As soon as the information is received C. P. Central Nirmal Singh and the in-charge of police station number 2 immediately reached the spot along with the police party. As soon as the day dawned, the commissionerate police went into overdrive as soon as the information about the murder of a person was received.

Police Commissioner Swapan Sharma and D. C. P. Ankur Gupta said that the commissionerate police identified the deceased with hard work. He said that when the police reached the house of Prabhat Nagar, a resident of Sarju, his family members told the police that he had left the house at night with his 2 other friends. drank alcohol together.

Meanwhile, Sarju and Karan got into a drunken argument about something. The argument escalated so much that Karan stoned Sarju to death. He said that the investigation revealed that before the incident, his third friend had gone back home after seeing an argument between the two. The police have arrested the accused and he is being interrogated.