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Health News. As children grow, parents worry about their child's height. Some children easily estimate their height by time and age. But there are some children who look younger than their age because of their height. Their height either grows very slowly or stops growing. In such a case, genetic (Genetic) Factors also play an important role and sometimes the height of children catches up to their parents or grandparents.

But everyone wants to be tall, so if you feel that your child is losing height or has stopped growing, there is no need to worry, making him look younger than his age. By the way children (Children) can increase the height of

do yoga

For physical and mental development of children yogasana (Yogasana) are very important If the height of the child is not increasing, make him do yoga daily in the morning and evening. This will increase the height of the child. For which you can do easy exercises like Surya Namaskar, Trikonasana, Tadasana and Vrikshasana which help in increasing height. If these asanas are done regularly, the height of children will definitely increase.

Learn to hang

You must have heard in your childhood that hanging increases your height, which is 100 percent true. If a child hangs on to anything in the morning and evening, his height will soon increase. Because when the baby hangs, it strengthens his back muscles and stretches them. This helps a lot in increasing height and by doing this daily, the spine also stays straight.

Play outdoor games

cycling, football, basketball(Basketball) Jumping rope, playing cricket and badminton, all these sports increase the height of the child. Involve children in these outdoor activities, the child's height will increase automatically. Also, by doing such activities, fat will not accumulate in the child's body, he will not be fat and his height will also be good. Many people have the notion that swimming stops height growth but this is 100 percent wrong, rather swimming helps to increase height.

You can also increase your baby's height by giving him swimming and if he doesn't want to swim for some reason, put a mat on the floor and lie on your stomach on it, then move your arms and legs down. . The way you float in water helps increase height.

Give vitamin D rich diet

You will be surprised to know that vitamin D also plays an important role in increasing height. As you know that vitamin D is very useful for bone growth and the best source of vitamin D is the sun, so advise the child to sit in the morning sun for at least 15 minutes.