How to get an OAED unemployment card from the couch of your home


A big issue is that of the OAED and the issuance of the unemployment card, namely:

What papers do I need, where do I submit them, do I need to make an appointment somewhere, will the registration be done immediately, what are my rights as an unemployed person, and when do I have to renew? These are all questions that will be answered.

Now, easily, quickly and simply, without delays and waiting, you can register as unemployed from the OAED application, either with taxisnet codes or with OAED e services codes.

How can you get an unemployment card?

Registration in the OAED unemployment register is possible in two ways:

  1. Electronically through e – services of the OAED(from 30/03/2020)
  2. In person at the OAED Service (KPA2).

As long as the measures against the spread of the coronavirus last, registration in the unemployment register in person is only possible by appointment. In the following link:

I want to register online. What should I do;

To register in the unemployment register online, you must log in to online services of the OAED with TAXIS net codes or with OAED codes (key number) if you have received them in the past.

After entering the e-services of the OAED, select “Issuance of Unemployment Certificate” and fill in the prescribed unemployment registration fields

You can also watch the following video to help yourself:

What supporting documents are required for my online registration in the unemployment register?

No supporting documents are required for registration in the unemployment register. All required registration information is verified through an ex officio search by the relevant agencies.

Only for those traders who belong to the special category of disabled persons is required to attach a KEPA opinion or a decision issued before 01/09/2011 by the Primary Health Committees of the former IKA, as long as it is valid for life and the percentage of disability is stated.


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