How is tequila made, why is it drunk with lemon-salt?

How is tequila made, why is it drunk with lemon-salt?


Tequila is a drink that is much loved by alcoholics. It is also called a tequila shot. People who go to bars or pubs will know how excited people are to drink it. Drinking or not drinking is a personal decision, but there is no harm in being knowledgeable about alcohol.

For this reason, today we are going to give you some information related to tequila, which you hardly know. Like, do you know how tequila is made, and why it's only drunk with lime and salt?

Interesting food related videos are posted on Instagram account @foodnetwork. Recently, a video has been shared in which the method of making tequila has been explained. Tequila is made from a fruit. Tequila is made from agave plants. This is shown in it.

The artisans first collect these plants. After this, its processing begins. It is cut through machines, then made into liquid form. It is distilled after passing through several machines. When it's completely turned into tequila, it's bottled. After applying the lid and label it is packed.

The video is going viral
This video, which is going viral on Instagram, has received 43 lakh views and many people have given their reaction by commenting. One said, Who would have first had the idea that alcohol could be made like this? One said it looked like a big pineapple. One said he had seen the tequila making process first hand, and it was very unique.

Why drink tequila with salt and lime?
Here is the process of making it, let's know why we drink it with lemon and salt. According to the Stanford Press website, a tequila drinking contest is believed to have taken place in the 19th century. People started drinking this drink in large quantities. This led to the production of low quality tequila. It was served with salt and lemon to get rid of its bad taste. It was a type of Mexican culture that is prevalent to this day.


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