How a stenographer became Indira Gandhi’s shadow, whose words the former PM believed with a blind eye | Who was RK Dhawan why called him shadow of Indira Gandhi know in Punjabi Punjabi news

How a stenographer became Indira Gandhi's shadow, whose words the former PM believed with a blind eye

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He started his career as a stenographer in All India Radio. The year is 1962. Indira Gandhi headed the Indian booth at the New York World’s Fair. At that time they came in contact and their relationship continued throughout their lives. An ordinary stenographer became one of the powerful people of this country. From chief ministers of states to senior Congress leaders did not forget to congratulate him.

Such was their devotion to Swami that they stayed together for 22 years and never took leave. Indira where they also met there. One such personality was CRK Dhawan, who later remained close to Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia. He was a cabinet minister in every Congress government at the Centre.

Whenever there is a discussion about the powerful Prime Minister of the country, Indira Gandhi, it cannot be complete without RK Dhawan. 31st October i.e. today is Indira Gandhi’s death anniversary. Whether the books focus on Indira Gandhi or the corridors of power around her, RK Dhawan is inevitably present as a character in them. It can be said that Dhawan, who was Indira Gandhi’s most trusted ally, remained important in the country throughout his life. He was very popular among bureaucrats and politicians.

Dhawan was unhappy with his increasing height

At that time, any chief minister, leader or industrialist who wanted to meet Indira Gandhi knew that Dhawan was essential. He used to reach the bungalow in the morning before Indira Gandhi became active and Dhawan would be like a shadow around him until he went to sleep in the evening. She trusted Dhawan a lot. Some people found this unacceptable. Many even tried to reduce Dhawan’s height but all had to face defeat. Dhawan was also present at a short distance when Indira Gandhi was assassinated.

As Indira Gandhi’s influence grew, so did RK Dhawan. Even when Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister of the country, she continued to hold equal importance. At that time there were Congress governments across the country. Indira Gandhi PM He used to do a lot of work through Dhawan. Sometimes due to lack of time and sometimes with the intention of conveying a message. She used to convey messages from Dhawan to leaders, ministers and even chief ministers. Whatever Dhawan said, he would have been accepted as Indira Gandhi. There was no yes or no.