Hindu girls are being converted in Pakistan

Pakistan. On Hindu families in Pakistan Atrocities (Atrocities) are continuing And now an incident has come to light in Mirapukhas of Sindh province of Pakistan. A Hindu girl, a rape victim, has made a shocking revelation. She says that she was raped by a Muslim boy some time ago. In which a woman also supported him. The matter first reached the police station and then the court, but SHO Momal Laghadi of the women’s police station and the accused woman threatened her and forced her to give false statements.

Threatened to kill

The victim girl said that they both took her to the court room and killed her Threats (Threats) were given Both were threatening her that she is marrying his rapist Shafaq Bhargari. If not, we will send him to jail and kill him.

The victim wants to give a statement in court again

The victim said that she is reluctant to give a statement again in this case. People who threatened him and forced him to make false statements. Two months ago, a girl named Rita Meghwar was abducted from her house in Mirpurkhas.

He was abducted by Ahmadani, a Muslim youth. Somehow the family went to the police first and then the matter reached the court. The investigation revealed that the girl had converted to Islam and was married to Ahmadani. the girl the court (Court) She kept shouting that she had to go to her family, but the court forcibly sent her to a safe house.