He bought a car by selling milk, wrote such a line on the car that those who read it are surprised…


Whenever people buy a car, be it a 2 wheeler or a 4 wheeler, the first thing they do is decorate it with stickers. I did not see any stickers on the vehicles.

Nowadays, he is also playing, โ€œBaby on Boardโ€, โ€œPose on Boardโ€ and what not. Some people also say how the car arrived? Some dowry-seekers write 'financial help from in-laws' and some write 'father's blessings'. What does this mean? Only the owner of the car will know this. But we saw a video in the streets of Instagram, you should also watch it.

Actually, this video has been uploaded on Instagram by a user named Saddam Patel. Maruti Suzuki's S-Cross is seen in the video. There is a sticker on the back of the car. The sticker reads 'Buffalo's Gift โ€“ Queen' with a photo of a cute buffalo. After seeing this, it is clear that they must have bought the car only after doing the milk business. It also became clear that he was deeply in love with his beloved Buffalo Queen.

People are loving the 'Awesome Sticker with Buffalo Logo'. Hundreds of people had commented on the video in various ways by the time it was reported. More than 22 lakh people have seen the video of the buffalo. People seem to be very impressed by this. Someone has written, do buffalo business, someone is saying that brother, I enjoyed doing milk business.


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