Greece Could Benefit €1.6 Billion Through Its Digital Nomad Visa, Survey Says


Greece’s Digital Nomad Visa continues to attract a large number of foreign nationals engaged in remote work.

In addition, a study conducted by “MIT Enterprise Forum” noted that if the Hellenic Republic attracted 100,000 digital nomads yearly, with an average stay of six months, the country could benefit from over €1.6 Billion, reports.

According to the survey, such an amount is nearly the income generated by a week’s stay of a total of 2.5 million tourists.

Therefore, in order to attract a large number of foreigners, the Ministry of Tourism in Greece developed the Digital Nomads initiative in some cities of the country, including, Heraklion, Ermoupolis, and Kalamata.

Authorities in Greece consider that the scheme brings important benefits for the country, attracting high-level workers, after, according to research, a total of 72 per cent of digital nomads hold a bachelor’s degree while 33 per cent have a master’s degree.

Among the territories considered ready to host digital nomads, after they have the necessary infrastructure and featured requested are the followings:

  • Ide
  • Athens
  • Thessaloniki
  • Magnesia
  • Crete
  • The Aegean Islands

Still, the Institute for Alternative Policies (ENA) study revealed that Greece should prioritize internet infrastructure (31.5 per cent) and a social media campaign (28.3 per cent), according to respondents, in order to inform people they welcome digital nomads.

Authorities in Greece are continuously attempting to bring to the country a large number of internationals through the Digital Nomad visa.

Previously, the Tourism Minister of Greece, Vassilis Kikilias, said that Greece’s Tourism Minister, Vassilis Kikilias, unfolded plans that the Ministry aims to make it’s capital an attractive destination for all those interested in remote work through the digital nomad visa.

“My job is to work every day to increase the tourism product so that we have a better year for Greece. At the Ministry of Tourism, we are calmly studying all the data, and we hope that this war will end,” the Minister said.

The government of Greece 2021 announced that it would introduce the digital nomad visa to permit foreigners engaged in remote work, to work from the Hellenic Republic.

“We must create an organized, attractive environment for people that choose this advanced way of working,” Notis Mitarachi, Migration and Asylum Minister said back then.

European countries’ Digital Nomad visa programs are among the world’s most famous. Recently, Spain announced that it would launch such visas for foreigners, vowing that it would welcome a large number of internationals.


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