Government has banned 14 medicines, notification issued

The government has banned 14 fixed dose combination (FDC) medicines, including nimesulide, codone syrup, saying that these medicines may pose a risk to the public. The Union Health Ministry issued a notification in this regard on Friday.

Among the banned drugs, drugs used to treat common infections, cough and fever are Nimesulide + Paracetamol dispersible tablets, Chlorpheniramine Maleate + Codeine Syrup, Pholcodine + Promethazine, Amoxicillin + Bromhexine and Bromhexine + Dextromethorphan + Ammonium Chloride + Menthol, Paracetamol + Bromhexine+ Contains Phenylephrine + Chlorpheniramine + Guaiphenesin and Salbutamol + Bromhexine.

FDC medicines contain two or more ‘active pharmaceutical ingredients’ (APIs) in fixed proportions. The government has taken this step based on the recommendations of the Expert Committee and the Pharmaceutical Technical Advisory Board. The expert committee has said in its recommendation to the government that these FDC medicines have no meaning.

FDC medicines can pose a risk to people. Therefore, it is necessary to ban their manufacture, sale or supply in public interest. In 2016, on the recommendation of an expert committee, the government had announced a ban on the manufacture, sale and supply of 344 FDC medicines. At present, 14 banned FC drugs are part of those 344 drugs.

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