Gautam Adani earns billions of dollars in 2021, the same age as Ambani

Due to the sharp rise in shares, industrialist Gautam Adani has once again come close to Mukesh Ambani in terms of total assets. Let me tell you that Adani’s net worth has increased tremendously this year. Given this momentum, it is believed that he will soon be on par with Mukesh Ambani. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Adani, 58, has amassed a fortune of more than $ 50 billion in 2021.

Gautam Adani earns billions

Let’s say that where Adani’s wealth has increased by 50 50 billion, there is Mukesh Ambani’s net worth is .8 21.8 billion Has increased. Which is more than double. Importantly, while Ambani has the crown of being the richest man in Asia, Adani has become the second richest man in Asia.

Tesla CEO Alan Musk is currently at the forefront of net worth growth. France’s richest man Bernard Arnault is in second place. In addition, Adani is at the third position in the list and Mukesh Ambani is at the 11th position. Meanwhile, in terms of total assets, Adani is ranked 13th ($ 88.1 billion) and Ambani 11th ($ 98.5 billion).

Gautam Adani earns billions
Gautam Adani earns billions

Adani currently has six companies in the stock market. Shares of these companies continue to rise. In addition, the Adani Group is planning to launch its seventh IPO. Let me tell you that the share of Adani Enterprises has increased by 21% in the last two weeks. Shares of his companies have been trading at an all-time high since June 2021. Let me tell you that Adani now intends to lead the group in green data storage. To that end, his group plans to invest a total of 70 70 billion in green energy by 2030.

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