Former MLA Kuldeep Vaid criticized Haryana and the central government on agricultural matters


Kuldeep Singh Vaid, a former MLA from Ludhiana's Gill constituency, has made a big attack on the BJP government at the Center and the Haryana government by holding a press conference on agricultural matters. He said that every citizen of the country has the right to protest peacefully and protests are also taking place in other states but stopping the farmers of Punjab by building borders and torturing them is reprehensible.

Apart from this, where he talked about the alliance of Aam Aadmi Party, he also asked BJP Subha President Sunil Jakhar to clarify his stand in the interests of the farmers of Punjab.

Talking to the media, former MLA and senior Congress leader Kuldeep Vaid said that the Haryana government was preparing to implement NSA on farmers. After that this decision was withdrawn saying that it is a very bad thing.

He said that this is not the border of Haryana but the border with bordering Pakistan. He also mentioned that these farmers fill the belly of the country and their demands should be sat and listened to. Apart from this, he mentioned that the BJP government at the center has also closed down many social media platforms that raise voice in farmers' affairs. has been given

He said that efforts are being made to suppress the voice of the farmers, apart from this, he said that in every state of the country, apart from the organizations, people are protesting, there is no such torture on anyone, but the Haryana government is torturing the farmers of Punjab. is doing


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